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Hi! We are Valérie and Camille Deltor, two individuals with a passion for fashion - fashion is what makes us happy besides our little family of 5.

We strongly believe that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

This is our motto, and with that in mind, a few months ago, we started to develop some cool & fun embroideries to place on tee-shirts and hoodies for our 3 kids, Elouan, Maiann & Josephine, for them to share their good (or bad!😉) mood of the day, their beliefs... a smile, or simply to express themselves.

Our little embroideries have been such a success among our family, our friends, our kids’ friends that it has inspired us to develop “notre petite entreprise”.

So we created the label FRENCHBORN.​

The name is (without any doubt, right?) directly inspired by our french roots which are also a big part of our inspiration. What we love about the most about FRENCHBORN is our products’ ability to immediately put a smile on everyone’s face.

Our fashion is fresh, fun & playful, made for those who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Our first designs were created for our family, they are now a gift from our family to yours, our way to say “hi, how are you today?” Our way to show that we care, to share with others, by sharing some kind words, the first step, a very simple way to start a nice chat with unknown people around us.

FRENCHBORN is NOT just your ordinary Ready-to-wear, FRENCHBORN is now YOURS...

As LOVABLE as possible, that’s why we prefer to introduce it as: 

FRENCHBORN, your “Pret-à-aimer”.

You will soon be fluent in French wearing our products but for those of you who are not there yet, please know that “Prêt-à-Aimer” means “Ready-to-Love” in English.

Welcome to our family, you are already an important part of it.

Follow us on Instagram @FRENCH.BORN, and share with us your FRENCHBORN outfit of the day to get a discount on your next purchase.